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Readers say it the best:

“A realistic and easy to follow plan for your life, is finally here.”

Shelley Bedney,

“This book, well in my opinion ‘guide’ helps you improve yourself with simple steps and simple changes.”

Lori Bolden,

Perfect for the newbie to the fitness world.

Todd Boyer,

“The worksheets were a plus. They cause you to stop and think about why you do the things you do.”

Stacie Branson,

His system is intended to help everyone live a more holistic, balanced lives with regard to nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle like his kinfolk.

Lisa Chalfant,

“It’s a good read….no, it’s a great read!It’s about “flexing your mental muscle” and changing the way you think.”

Annie Coombe,

“Alpine Weight Loss Secrets isn’t a fad diet but a change of life program that will have you feeling renewed, lighter, and younger.”

Ketty Cousino,

“This book would be a great addition to the library of anyone who is interested in health and wellness, or is even thinking about trying a more nutritious lifestyle. Aschan gives his readers several small steps to take toward healthier living.”

Jennifer Crum,

“One of the things I most appreciated about this book was that the author wrote about his experiences growing up in the Alps and promotes a return to healthful living, not the latest diet fad or prepackaged food.”

Janeen Frost,

“AWLS helps you reach your dieting goal, without putting yourself at any harm. Never in my life have I read a book that does just this.”

Jessica Gay,

“Aschan does a smash up job of teaching us how to become “The New Youngsters,” by abandoning the old solutions and mastering a natural approach. What wonderful news this was to read!”

Denise Grier,

“I found this book interesting and thought provoking.”

Kim Hansen,

“This book is about finding the right combination of nutritional, physical and emotional elements to help you changes not just your weight, but your overall youngevity, based on proven, centuries-old principles. That is what Alpine Weight Loss Secrets is all about.”

Valerie Hoffman,

“I love the ideas portrayed, and it can be deemed ‘easy’. However, it will require your dedication, desire, and appreciation of the knowledge that lies within this book.

It made me take on a new perspective of my life. I didn’t see what I was doing wrong until I read it.”

Melissa Jackson,

“Alpine Weight Loss Secrets is not just another fad diet where you will lose weight quickly and then yo-yo back to where you were and then some. It is a series of strategies to change your lifestyle to become a healthier and more active person, which will help you “train yourself young”.”

Susan Korbel,

“This year I decided not to renew my gym membership. I’ve got the internet, TV, and the great outdoors to design my own exercise program. And now, I’ve got another resource that I will totally put into use—It’s called Alpine Weight Loss Secrets by Stefan Aschan, Europe’s premier Youngevity Coach!

Why is the term ‘youngevity’ used? Because living a long life isn’t the ultimate goal. One also wants to live life with the ability to be an active participant! Let me tell you, I learned so much from this book and it solidified my belief that you don’t need to punish yourself to keep in shape! You just need to be smart about it and have the tools.”

Helena Lemon,

“I was quite impressed with the book and I really like the fact that the book has worksheets throughout in order to help you achieve the goals and plans that will work for your lifestyle.”

Ellen, Lockhart,

“This is more than a “diet” book. Way more. In fact, as Mr. Stefan Aschan says in the beginning, “If you are looking for a diet book, this is not the right book. If you are looking to lose weight fast and gain it back, this book isn’t for you” And I agree.

In fact, I don’t even call it a book. It is a guide. An education into how our bodies work, how they digest foods, expel foods, and process foods. Written in an intelligent, respectful manner to the reader, the common sense, practical techniques outlined page after page are simple and clear. The writer, Stefan Aschan, has lived this book. And it shows. There is an expertise through out this guide to reinvent yourself that resonates for a long time after reading it.

Not only does Mr. Aschan describe the scientific reasoning’s behind his teachings, he uses worksheets, charts, and pictures to keep your attention, and thus on track. He talks about every possible issue you might have with your body, from a bulging belly to a lack of energy, explains why it is that way, and then outlines how to fix it.

There is guidance to help get you back on track, how to choose foods that not only help you lose weight and gain energy, but erase years from your body too. He talks about correct posture, metabolism and how to maintain it, how to flatten your belly – fast – and how to turn a bad day into a good one. This book includes recipes, pictures of how to do the work out moves, tips and support throughout.

I am hooked and can not wait to start implementing Mr. Aschan’s ideas and suggestions into my life. I certainly would like to lose this weight once and for all, and as an added bonus, eliminate body pains, sagging skin, and exhaustion that I live with day in and day out. It will be a bonus when I see my daughters choosing to eat better as well. Thus helping to curb future body issues and flip flop dieting.”

Lori Pace,

“Inspires you beyond weight loss, and helps you channel your own personal happiness.”

Melissa Pont,

“Alpine Weight Loss Secrets is about creating a long-term relationship with your healthy, happy self.”

April Price,

“Alpine Weight Loss Secrets is a great book full of tons of tips and ideas to lose weight and get healthy. Some of my favorite parts are those about flexing your mental muscle, fresh air foods, posture, the sample menus and the recipes.”

Michelle and Dave Rouzzo,

“I really like how it is something you can start today, not after you clean out your cabinets, not after the 1st of the year, not after your birthday party, but today!”

Kelly Runde,

“I particularly liked the information on calories and enzymes. I must say that a lot of this information was new to me.”

Zipporah Sandler,

“I studied a lot about diet and health but this book was so refreshing with a new point of view.”

Keri Schneider,

“There are all kinds of exercises that you can do in your neighborhood without looking like a person who is slightly mentally unstable and possibly wielding a weapon.”

Sara Strand,

Alpine Weight Loss Secrets suggests multiple activities that can promote a healthier lifestyle.

Cristine Struble,

“I love the way he stresses the importance of enjoying life and not seeing his “program” as things you “have” to do.This is not just another diet. This is not a book about losing weight as much as it is a book about gaining back youth and vitality.”

Karen Waide,

“Stefan’s writing style is to the point and he uses stories of his youth to apply different lessons to how or why you may want to do something. It is an engaging way to discuss fitness and gives you reasons why you should make changes.”

Felisha Wild,

“This book was made possible through the fusion of his own personal experience in Austria as well as his wide spectrum of expertise in fitness and nutrition.Interestingly though, Alpine Weight Loss Secrets is not a book just on weight loss, its also about healthy living and natural ways to feel 5-20 years younger.”

Ingrid Wong,

“It isn’t some crazy fad diet that has inachievable diet restrictions or an exercise program that promises insane results overnight. It is a book that has a healthy diet and exercise plan that can help anyone get fit. It’s really very simple.

I have always maintained a healthy diet and exercise regimen and there were quite a few ideas and foods in the book I have never heard of!”

Sharon Wood,

“I learned so much from this book and it solidified my belief that you don’t need to punish yourself to keep in shape.”

Chelsea Yager,

“One of the things I liked most about this book is that it wasn’t a bunch of unrealistic advice, or odd/expensive things you should eat or drink, or that you needed to run up and down the Alps three times a day. There are lots of great suggestions on how to get fit without expensive equipment or hours and hours at the gym.”

Liza Coulter,

“I must start by saying that I’m not the type to read diet books, because honestly, I need to gain weight, not lose it! But I was happily surprised to discover that this is not just another diet book, this a lifestyle book. It’s not just about loosing weight, it’s also about leaving an healthier life.”

Gaby Fauchon,

“I had been reading Alpine Weight Loss Secrets this past week and before I began I thought I had read it all. I try to keep current on nutrition and fitness. So I thought “What am I going to read here that I haven’t seen already?“ As soon as I started reading I noticed this book is different from other weight loss books. Alpine Weight Loss Secrets isn’t about the newest diet trends but rather a change of life program that will have you feeling stronger, healthier and slimmer.

I have learned so much from this book, I will definitely incorporate some of his great tips into my lifestyle.”

Danielle Miller,

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