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Each week I post about strategies that work for my clients, popular weight loss tips, information about
scientific research, information about how to look younger longer, and how to stay motivated long
I report on what really works, from the horse’s mouth. I hope you will visit my blog and post your own
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Stefan Aschan


May I introduce myself?

Hi, my name is Stefan Aschan. I grew up in a little Austrian village with
20 houses and 3 farms in the Alps. So it’s natural that I look at weight
loss from the Alpine prospective. Where I grew up, it was common for
individuals in their 50’s 60’s, and 70’s to move, look and live as if they
were in their late 30’s.

What’s the secret? What is it that they do and eat to stay so
strong, slender and trim till late in life?

That’s the secret I want to share with you.

Who am I?

I am the go-to-guy for emergency weight loss and how to look younger naturally. I’ve spent my life helping
people successfully achieve their goals the natural way. And this means not starving or with any kind of pill
or food product that you need to buy.

I am qualified to help you meet your goals. I have multiple certifications in fitness, a culinary arts degree,
and my masters program in nutrition. Plus, more than 17 years of experience in the weight loss arena.
As Living contributor to the Huffington Post, CW11 The Morning Show
and the health page of ABC
news now, my upcoming book reveals strategies how to achieve a lifestyle, body, strength, health and youth
as so many Alpine follows in there 40’s 50’s and up to even to 90’s enjoy.

I am Europe’s Premier Youngevity Coach.
I am looking forward helping, motivating and pushing you to live younger longer.