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Buy 3 – Alpine Weight Loss Secret Wristband

A simple but effective reminder wherever your are. Stay focused with this simple wristband. Decisions will need to be made. Before you reach and grap something that isn’t on the fresh air food list see the band.

Buy 3 books and we will ship you a free Alpine Weight Loss Secret wristband.

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Buy 10 – Stefan Aschan – Alpine Weight Loss Secrets t-shirt

Dress with success. Get a new t-shirt for your new body and movement program. I want you to fell great about yourself. So get rid of the nasty old school t-shirt and start with a new one till the pounds are sheed.

Buy 10 books and we will ship you a free Stefan Aschan – Alpine Weight Loss Secrets t-shirt.

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Buy 30 – Strength 123 calendar

Organize and get it done. This desk side calendar will get the job done. You won’t miss it. It was specially produced and shipped from Europe. Plan your goals, dreams and measure your accomplishments.

Buy 30 books and we will ship you a free Strength123 calendar

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Buy 50 – Personal Motivation Video (tell me your obstacle and I motivate you)

The going might get rough. You will need to hear a motivational mantra that will keep you going over and over again. Send your obstacle that you are struggling with, your receipt, and Stefan creates your personal motivational mantra.

Buy 50 books and Stefan will record a personalized message to motivate you and share with others. We will host the video on the Alpine Weight Loss Secrets book website so it’s easy to find, share and link to.

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Buy 100 – 30 min skype time with Stefan

We are all different and we all need a little bit extra. This will be the most rewarding and the best strategy to tweak your program for long time success. You will get 30 minutes with Stefan to talk about what ever you like concerning about your nutrition, movement program or situation that you might be in and need advice.

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Stefan will work with you to find a time that will work for both. This experience will have a limited experience and will be on a first come first serve basis.

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