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The overview:

Tried other diet plans? Desperate for change? Feeling miserable about your weight loss failures? Feeling older by the minute? This Austrian weight loss expert has made a specialty of working with such tough cases–and more importantly, helping them successfully transform themselves thinner, healthier and more youthful.

What is it all about?

This book is not for bodybuilders or gym rats. Rather it is the first of its kind, how-to guide for a fresh air lifestyle. The rewards? A youthful, stronger and trimmer body at any age, using strategies that have been used for centuries for weight loss, staying young and looking 10 years younger. As Living contributor to the Huffington Post, CW11 the morning show and the health page of ABC news now, this book reveals strategies how to archive a lifestyle, body, strength, health and youth as so many Alpine follows in there 40’s 50’s and up to even to 90’s enjoy.

Losing weight, to look younger and becoming fit and healthy are straightforward if you follow a simple rule: model a strategy that has worked for centuries, break it down, analyze it and adapt it to your lifestyle. Most people kid themselves that they are doing this by following the newest weight loss diet and the latest 7 moves for your waist, hips and arms. What they are missing are the crucial insights to their behavior involving how they eat and how they exercise. One weight loss/fitness program does not fit all. Each individual needs to determine what works for them — eating and moving that will personally work for you. This book will help you to get this done.

This program teaches you how to become a wiser and more educated eater, equipped with strategies to enjoy healthy foods and recipes with pleasure. The plan also introduces a lifestyle approach to fitness, look years younger, and staying healthy so you will be trimmer and stronger and look better naked for years to come. As the pounds come off, so do the years, so you can actually turn back the aging clock with this plan. It is up to you: Change your mind to change your body.

How will this be different?

The Alpine Weight Loss Secrets looks at weight loss and age loss from a fresh-air, alpine perspective. These are people who really walk the walk. They are strong, youthful, thin and independent until a very advanced age. And they never dieted or worked out in a gym in their lives! Pockets around the world where individuals live in good health, independent and vigorous through old age are know as “Blue Zones.” Streifing, the tiny community where Stefan grew up could well be considered a Blue Zone today. Stefan believes that we control how we age and he shows you first-hand, just how to do that.

What will you learn?

Each chapter is focused on a single goal; readers can pick a topic at random or read the book from start to finish. Each chapter will educate, inform, analyze and give practical examples of how Stefan’s clients succeeded using his fresh-air formula for diet and exercise. Within each chapter there will be informational boxes and worksheets, plus plenty of Stefan’s stories and experiences growing up in the alpine environment. Each chapter wraps up with a list “to get it done” today and not tomorrow.

Each chapter will have “flex your mental muscle” worksheets for your new lifestyle training.

Here is your full list of chapters and what you will learn in the book



// Chapter 1: Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

The Choice Is Yours
Flexing Your Mental Muscle
Worksheets 1 – 3
Get It Done! 6 Ways to Flex Your Mental Muscle Today

// Chapter 2: “Lighten” Your Metabolism

Your Metabolism, Only Better!
Alpine Secret: Eat Quality Calories
Eat More Sunshine
Worksheet 4
Eat Your Enzymes
Worksheet 5
8 Ways to Lighten Your Years

// Chapter 3: Alpine Eating: Choose Tomatoes Not Potatoes

11 Alpine Metabolic Boosters
Fresh Air Foods That Can Lose You 30 Pounds
How to Start the Transformation
Minding Your Menus
How to Use the Fresh Air Food Charts
Picking the Proper Foods
How to Take the Next Bite
Jump-Start Your Weight Loss
Sample Menus for Alpine Eating with Fresh Air Foods
Worksheet 6
8 Ways to Start Today

// Chapter 4: Improve Your Fat-titude

Why Certain Foods Can Make You Fat
Taming Withdrawal Symptoms
One Thing You CAN Eat: More Fat!
Lose Your Mental Fat Too!
Worksheet 7
Blew it? 10 Ways to Get Back on Track

// Chapter 5: Instant Anti-Ager: Your Posture

Posture That Ages You
Reboot Your Central Nervous System
Instant Age Loss: Back to Balance
Alignment: Correct Posture for Pain-Free Results
Checkpoint: Alignment, Activation, and Elongation
Worksheet 8
9 Anywhere, Anytime Posture Prompts

// Chapter 6: The At-Home Alpine Aerobic Solution

Push the Play Button
The Gym Without Walls
The Alpine Aerobic Solution
Making the Most of Your Alpine Aerobic Solution
Mountains, Hills, and Valleys: Your Personal Program
Worksheet 9
12 Ways to Get the Alpine Advantage at Home

// Chapter 7: Train Yourself “Jung”

Live Strong: Body Strength Training
The Alpine Longevity Strength Program
5 Ways to Challenge Yourself: The 3R2S System
The Shortcut Solution: The Alpine Youngevity Fitness Program
Try These 6 Lifestyle Toners

// Chapter 8: A Flat Belly: Schnell!

Alpine Anti-bloat Plan
Get Flatter Faster!
The 2-Day Alpine Cleansing Cure
Your Beat-The-Bloat Plan
2-Day Alpine Cleansing Cure Sample Menus
12 Flat Belly Tips
Flat Belly Exercise Basics
Worksheet 10 – 12
7 Best Flat Belly Boosters

// CHAPTER 9: The Joy of Living: Think and Grow Thin

7 Questions to Consider
Worksheet 13
8 Attitude Adjusters: How to Make a Bad Day Good

// CHAPTER 10: “Hudry Wusch”: Eat Yourself Thin

A Fast, New Way to Cook: 60 Simple, Delicious Recipes for Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch, Dinner and Desserts
The Alpine Shopping List
9 Steps to Success

// CHAPTER 11: “Holodrio!” Stay, Feel, and Look Young for a Lifetime

Holodrio! What does it mean?
Basics Revisited
Case Studies: Margarita, Vikki, and Casey
Live Younger Longer

Quaint, cute, informative, and informal, The Alpine Advantage will be a breath of fresh air to anyone who has tried diets, hates going to the gym, and has been looking for motivation and for the right mindset strategies to stay active, young, youthful and vibrant.

This book is for baby boomers looking for answers to lose weight, winkles and to look and stay young — who will not give up until they found what will work as their full body’s wrinkle cure.

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