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Alpine Weight Loss Secrets

The natural way to look and feel 5, 10 or even 20 years younger

“My office colleagues and children laughed when I ordered … But I have the last laugh! Now I AM happy about how I feel, move and look in my new clothes … And the best of all, my colleagues and children brag how young and sexy I am again!” Jean, 46

Welcome! I’m Stefan Aschan.

I have just written a book on how to lose weight naturally, trim your body, look and move 10 years younger to maintain what I call youngevity. These secrets to success all originate from the European Alpine village where I grew up.

Learn natural weight-loss strategies WITHOUT going on a restrictive diet, without scheduling liposuction lap band or gastric band surgery. Look younger, too—without Botox injections, wrinkle creams or a face-lift! The tips, strategies and secrets revealed in my book are natural and so easy that you can implement them right away, at home. Really? Really!

Alpine Weight Loss Secrets teaches you how to stay trimmer and younger longer!

I have combined weight loss, youngevity and longevity tactics from an Alpine perspective along with cutting-edge, proven scientific techniques from my Master’s program in nutrition, my experience in the culinary arts, as well as working in the weight loss arena for more than 17 years in both the US and Europe.

  • Look Younger, Starting Today
  • All-Natural Strategies
  • It’s not about perspiration, it’s about inspiration!
  • Commit to movement not exercise
  • No more gaining after losing
  • 45+ and desirable, feminine, sexy and beautiful
  • No dieting or starving—really!
  • Implement within minutes
  • Works anywhere – Guaranteed
  • The plan that works because it works with your lifestyle to come back to after your fad diet


Learn how simple it can be to in a body that looks and feels 5, 10 even 15 years younger!


Clients from hosts of major TV shows, beauty Companies and magazines looking for his advice

Here Is The New Way To Lose Weight, Quick-Trim and Look Years Younger

Getting older is supposed to be fun, not a fright. Right! My Alpine Weight Loss Secrets takes care of all the research and guess work about what will work for you to maintain a trim, strong, and young looking body. Without a weight loss diet, pills, gastric band or any other form of surgery.

This book is ideal for women and men between the ages of 45 and 65, busy homemakers, workers and older (health)-conscious people who want natural weight loss and secret youngevity strategies for their age. You will be staying young and lose weight naturally. Here ae some specific payoffs:

Payoff: You, Stress-Free!

(Pick) Talk to any woman on the street. Work, family, relationships, finances and body changes are emotionally challenging and hard to manage. Less then four weeks into my program, your migraines, hot flashes, low energy, tiredness, and burning up inside will be history! Say goodbye to Advil, Tylenol, Aspirin and a racing mind. Energy will be surging through your body to help you to cope and make decisions that are good for you.

Payoff: A body with no mid-life belly bulge

Lose the kangaroo pouch in weeks. Remember that flatter, trimmer and strong stomach? Imagine the delight of answering your shocked friends and colleagues who comment that you look younger: “And I fit into a size from 20 years ago.”

Payoff: No more failures

Mapped out is your success of never ending commitment to success. Start any program and without the right support and mental adjustments failure will succeed. The “Alpine Weigh Loss Secrets” will show you the best way to flex your mental muscle for maximum implementation

Payoff: Knowing Your Path

Can it be that you are losing your mind after 45 plus years! Ask yourself these 7 simple questions; great for the worried, stressed and pressured, with the sense something is wrong and something needs to change; find your direction.

Payoff: Weight loss–even after weight loss

Gaining and losing weight is a pattern that you can STOP. It is not a natural pattern to lose and gain 20 or 40 lbs.; in fact, this yo-yo effect increases cardiovascular diseases. Clients of mine archived weight loss between  2- 5 lbs in one week and continued losing. But the results are up to you as they can vary from person to person depending on age, current weight, health, activity level and your genetic make up.

Payoff: No more clueless eating

Learn what you should eat but also WHY. Once you understand this, you will never question what the best food is for your situation (goal), be it in a restaurant, while shopping or when traveling. For the first time in your life, you can tackle your weight, aging and health issues at the same time.

Payoff: Good-bye to “skinny”

Skinny is not the objective. Longevity and youngevity, being pain free, staying young, looking your best whatever your body type and your age. I guarantee a 99.7 % success rate.

Without even thinking twice. Your path will be clear.

In fact, give the simple tricks in the “Alpine Weight Loss Secrets” one short glance, then try them once, and you will turn you into a younger, stronger, healthier and (sexier) happier you. I can guarantee it.

This Breakthrough That Combines Tried-and-True with Brand-New Will Make You A Youngevity Success – Even If You Have Never Done One Single Thing For Your Body, Your Health, Or Your Looks Before Now

Readers, clients and doctors say it best


“I can assure you as a physician that following The Austrian Weight-Loss Secret will change your vitality and physique in multiple ways. Stefan Aschan, one of New York City’s most respected personal trainers, has a creative, astute and highly entertaining approach to diet and exercise. Follow his advice carefully and the results will be wunderbar.”

Stuart Fischer, MD, Author of the “Park Avenue Diet

“A realistic and easy to follow plan for your life, is finally here.”

Shelley Bedney,


“This book, well in my opinion ‘guide’ helps you improve yourself with simple steps and simple changes.’

Lori Bolden,


“Perfect for the newbie to the fitness world.”

Todd Boyer,


“The worksheets were a plus. They cause you to stop and think about why you do the things you do.”

Stacie Branson,


“His system is intended to help everyone live a more holistic, balanced lives with regard to nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle like his kinfolk.”

Lisa Chalfant,


“It’s a good read….no, it’s a great read!It’s about “flexing your mental muscle” and changing the way you think.”

Annie Coombe,


“Alpine Weight Loss Secrets isn’t a fad diet but a change of life program that will have you feeling renewed, lighter, and younger.”

Ketty Cousino,


“This book would be a great addition to the library of anyone who is interested in health and wellness, or is even thinking about trying a more nutritious lifestyle. Aschan gives his readers several small steps to take toward healthier living.”

Jennifer Crum,


“One of the things I most appreciated about this book was that the author wrote about his experiences growing up in the Alps and promotes a return to healthful living, not the latest diet fad or prepackaged food.”

Janeen Frost,


“AWLS helps you reach your dieting goal, without putting yourself at any harm. Never in my life have I read a book that does just this.”

Jessica Gay,


“Aschan does a smash up job of teaching us how to become “The New Youngsters,” by abandoning the old solutions and mastering a natural approach. What wonderful news this was to read!”

Denise Grier,


“I found this book interesting and thought provoking.”

Kim Hansen,


“This book is about finding the right combination of nutritional, physical and emotional elements to help you changes not just your weight, but your overall youngevity, based on proven, centuries-old principles. That is what Alpine Weight Loss Secrets is all about.”

Valerie Hoffman,


5 More Reasons Why This Is Your Best Book Purchase Value EVER.

  1. Free Premium “Back To Balance” Stretching Program to access online
  2. 3 FREE Longevity Strength movement templates to download for you to take anywhere (garden, park, or at home) to easy follow for your convenience. And yes, that is totally for free.
  3. Bonus access to how to implement the program instructional videos
  4. Not just a 30 day strategy to lose weight fast – A live-time approach that you can come back to over and over again
  5. Updates, solutions and latest research in the weight loss, staying young and looking 10 years younger arena
  6. Comes with a 99.7 percent success rate

The Alpine Weight Loss Secrets plan comes with programs, simple instructions and an easy to follow outline. This secrets will stay for you a lifetime.

Exclusive offer; NOT available in stores!


Download your first three Chapters

These secrets are powerful enough to turn seriously low energy, prematurely aged or overweight people into their youthful, vibrant, healthy counterparts for years to come.

Kind regards,

Affa, Ace, Reebok University
Masters in Science in Nutrition

Europe’s Premier Youngevity Coach

Strength123 Inc.
791 Lexington Ave, Suite 2R
New York, NY 10065
212 750 3696


P.S.: Warning – Disclaimer
The workouts and other health-related activities described in this book were developed by the author and are to be used as an adjunct to improved strengthening, conditioning, health, and fitness. These programs may not be appropriate for everyone. All individuals, especially those who suffer from any disease or are recovering from any injury, should consult their physicians regarding the advisability of undertaking any of the activities suggested in these programs. The author has been tested and researched in the science behind his programs. However, he is neither responsible nor liable for any harm or injury resulting from this program or the use of the exercises or exercise devices described herein.

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